Forging the Path Forward

2022 ESG Report


Overview Report (PDF)

At New Gold, sustainability is about caring for the communities in which we operate and considering the environmental and social impacts of our operations. This means working to limit our environmental impact by effective water and tailings management and by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It means working with First Nations and local communities in a respectful and transparent manner to generate economic benefits and well-being. It means working on diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization. It means having the courage to care for each other’s safety. Together, we are working to forge the path forward.

In 2022, we withstood extreme weather events that affected our ability to deliver on our plans, particularly at our Rainy River Mine. From freezing temperatures to torrential and unrelenting rains, our team was challenged to mitigate the impacts on production. At our New Afton Mine, the threat of wildfires continues to increase as conditions become dryer and hotter. By year-end, our teams had pulled together to achieve our updated guidance, despite every hurdle that stood in our way. We are seeing the impacts of climate change play out right in front of our eyes. As much as the natural world around us has the ability to impact us and our work, we also recognize our own ability to make impacts, and we are committed to continued stewardship of the water, air and land in the communities in which we operate.

We achieved significant milestones at both of our mines during the year. In March, New Gold filed an updated Technical Report for the Rainy River Mine. This Technical Report signifies a shift to the next phase of the mine, as we begin to mine underground. In 2022, New Afton began tailings deposition from the new Thickened and Amended Tailings Facility – an innovative and forward-thinking approach to tailings management that has been years in the making. New Afton also made significant development progress with the C-Zone project and received its mining permit amendment to mine the C-Zone in October, a pivotal milestone in the realization of New Afton’s future.

Success means nothing if it cannot be achieved safely. As a team, our commitment to a safe workplace has never wavered and – in 2022, we saw this reflected in our improved safety performance. Safety is one of the most meaningful ways we can show our respect for one another. When we observe unsafe work, hazards or near misses, it is an act of care to stop, intervene and say something. At New Gold, we have the courage to care for those around us and ourselves because it is not only our duty and because it is who we are as people.

Last year, the theme of our report was resilience, and it exemplified the perseverance and resolve that our people demonstrated over the past several years, allowing us to navigate complex and unexpected obstacles. Now, we find ourselves at the start of a new and exciting chapter – the new New Gold – and by leading with our values, keeping our focus on our goals and having the courage to care for our community and for one another at every step, we will forge our own path forward.

Patrick Godin
President and Chief Executive Officer


“I would like to thank everyone for your commitment to New Afton and especially keeping safety and well-being as our number one priority. We strive for a culture of zero harm, and we should continue to do so.

There have been many great accomplishments and the site worked hard to safely bring B3 production online and to develop C-Zone was a testament to all of our values, especially teamwork and commitment from the resilience of our people.

We will continue to forge ahead with our stabilization program and remain on track with C-Zone first ore in Q4 2023.”

John Ritter, General Manager, New Afton

“In 2022, Rainy River demonstrated resilience and the ability to recover from extreme rainfall that led to flooding in the open pit in Q2. Our focus for 2023 is executing our water management strategy, and delivering the plan in the open pit, underground and the mill. A commitment to safety and the courage to care are the foundation of all we do on site.”

Gord Simms, General Manager, Rainy River